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In Weaving Together the Rites of Passage Experiences

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I am reaching out to those with wisdom, connections to and work within Native Hawaiian Cultural Practices and Peoples of Maui and Big Island. I am networking with aligned collaborators to co-create a soul offering / program for next year.

I would like to work with those who hold these stories and, to learn from them, to honor local kupuna and cultural practitioners’ gifts and create a bridge between us and other connections to support our community.

I am co-creating a space to come together and integrate knowledge from many sides. A platform to offer others an experience of remembering deeper aspects of their authentic self through their connection to themselves, others and the natural environment. Bridging science and spirit, cultural wisdom and modern landscapes, intuition and logic, past and present, the internal and external worlds.

I see myself being a core facilitator of Nature Quests; holistic immersion experiences for people (island youth especially) that act as a rite of passage or ceremonious gateway. For those going through a major transition in their life and who is called to this type of support.

I have been a teacher for 15 years, a scientist by education, a non profit coordinator by trade and a dancer / wilderness explorer on the weekends. My friends often come to me for solace and nature retreat. It has been shown to me that its time to bring greater integration to these aspects of myself and offer my own wisdom, experience and unique perspectives to others through a program of my own co-creation and initiative.

I would like to weave in others’ experience, story telling, practices, ways of relating and acts of ceremony into what I see being created. While much focus will be on embodied movement, exploration, meditation, journaling and ecological principals, I see a cultural rootedness and community inclusion being a necessary cornerstone of this work.

I have danced in a Halau, taught at a Native Hawaiian Charter School and know about a dozen Oli, but I want to weave in and be guided by those who know more than I do in these areas. To invite culture in, not appropriate it. To have a lineage or lands to help honor. To include others wisdom and offer a platform for sharing and mutual benefit.