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Importance of Masculine and Feminine Balance

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We are being invited into deeper balance. Externally and internally. The Earth Mother has called out, that we have ignored the warnings too long now, that we have hit the snooze button too many times. That the time for change is now. Change does not have to be scary or hard, but it becomes increasingly so when we don’t want to LOOK at what it is we need to take care of. We’re getting better at doing this in the greater world of events right now. Looking at our healthcare system, our political system, our agricultural system, our social structures, and seeing what it is needing to change. Pointing out and yelling out that we demand change. That we cannot go back to the way things were before and be sustainable. Yes. Wonderful. Now. How are YOU going to embody that change in the microcosm of your own life?

Who, Me? Yes. This is where it gets more challenging, and this is where the desire to hit snooze and delay and distract and distort and numb and blame others … comes from… and (partially) why we’re now at this collective point in evolution at this time. If we want to keep pointing the finger, blaming, reasoning, resenting or hiding from what is “going on” its NOT going to change the fact that this is all happening… we're going to evolve, regardless, It's just going to take longer.

So, what do I mean? Embody the change? You know that little habit you have that you’ve been meaning to change for a long time but keep putting off? You know that project or idea you’ve had for years but have been too scared of either failure OR success to really try it? You know that grudge you never let go of? That person you haven’t fully forgiven? That old belief structure of not being good enough or holding others’ grief, heaviness or sadness? That new way you want to live, the thing you want to build? The emotions you don’t want to look at? Yeah. That stuff. Its time.

Its time to balance the polarities. To come to our own rescue. To be the inner masculine for our inner feminine and vise versa. For me, this means a few things. One is being the very structure, focus, dedication and commitment TO myself FOR myself that I desire from masculine people AND jobs. To be that strong foundation for myself my feminine super powers can dance upon.

Balancing and unifying the inner and outer polarities - Masculine and Feminine, Magnetic and Electric, Intuition & Logic, Direction/Action & Flow/Surrender, Earth & Sky, Stability & Creativity, Vulnerability & Strength. For the balance point to come into center. For us to take these projections on the world around us and pull them deeper and deeper into OUR center. To unify. We need the clear internal space for it to come together. And the space, that wants to be filled with light, is often occupied with these fillers of our own un-comfortability. Whats that little habit you gotta release? Maybe you don’t even know what it is. But I bet you do.

So, if you’ve read this far, you are my new accountability buddy. It's time for another cleanse for myself, personally. No sunset spliffs, caffeine or refined sugar for 21 days. Dialing back the simple carbohydrates as well.

Protein, greens, fruits, nuts. Herbal tea, superfoods, journaling, dance and incense will be my liquid, my smoke and my breaks.

I am relaxation. I am vital energy. I am the embodiment of enjoyment. None of these are outside of myself.

And in that. More vital energy comes. More dreams are clear. More sun hits my cells. More restoration is fully embodied.

What are your releases? Are they physical? Mental? Emotional?

I have worked through so much of my belief systems and buried emotions and the like. I am SO inspired, on mission and moving forward in creations. But, the body vessel holds me back and down at times. And I feel her slowing me down. As a Taurus moon I enjoy those Earthly Comforts and I can sense it beyond the subtle, slowing me down. I need to be free. Not from the tyranny, not from disease, not from the system, but from my own limitations.

Forward we go

Leave me a love note of encouragement And, if you want to join me on reshaping a habit yourself!

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