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From the Space of Divine Inspiration

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I’m blooming and grieving at the same time.

One foot stepping into new timelines opening to me in sonic reverberation of alignment and elevation. One foot in the now / past, toes curling onto old foundations of safety and known-ness. A sense of time splitting and difficult choices. Final tests and challenges.

As fearless and inspired as I am sometimes, I’m still incredibly human, sensitive and still processing out old beliefs and wounds. As many tools and sense of peace, grounding and determination that I have, my heart is incredibly soft.

That’s part of my gift. The elevation and the humbleness. The sight and the compassion. It’s a double edged sword at times, but both edges are truth.

I continue to cut through the illusions of the external and internal, while not disregarding reality. While listening more than I speak. While calming the center of my heart with presence, nature, aligned souls and trust in spirit.

Instead of jumping off cliffs this time, as I have done many times before, I am walking. Releasing the tendrils of attachment and desire of control and safety. Into the space of stability within my core. Stepping into sheer air, water, earth and fire. Onto paths uncharted, each step forming the ground under my feet as I go.

But every time I place my foot down, the ground shows up, as my skin releases the hold, it shows up. Map not in hand, but in heart. Plan not formed, but each step divinely guided.

I am human. And I am divine. And I trust. As I allow myself to feel all things.

I am here. Fully.

Dialing, grounding, swirling into center; blue electric ribbons of energy. Melding into the ground and rippling through all of the air. Co creative magnetic focus of dynamic polarity and flow.

Channeling through and waving the edges of frequency lengths to the summit of conscious ability; to rest at the pinnacle of momentum in patient embodiment, anchored into the light, collecting all frequency aspects pouring into the center and lighting up through the Being -


As the unified principal of stillness and entropy; particles streaming out onto themselves in a rhythmic flow of surrender and dedication.

Opened to the portal of potentiality and evolution.

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