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Kuleana for the 'Aina and Wai 
Beneath Our Feet

Grant Writing Team for Agriculture, Environmental Education and Community Projects

Kahu ʻAina: Earth Guardian Network is dedicated to being a humble, collaborative partner to the land, waters, plants and people of the ecosystem around us. We weave together and support sources of wisdom, skill, resource and knowledge that further our goals of a more interconnected and harmonious future our Keiki can enjoy. 

Through slowing down, to have the honest conversations we get to have with ourselves, each other and the environment around us. To share, and to learn, To be visionaries, fully in our bodies. To know where our food comes from and be empowered to provide collaborative support to each other.

We are here to support the teachers, farmers, story tellers, healers, writers, planners, weavers, builders, artists and family members. We are building 'Ohana -- individually and collectively. With over 10 years of experience in non-profits, government and education fields in Hawaii, our experienced writing team can help you find more resources for your projects and goals.

Reach out to us with any questions or if you have an aligned project / grant opportunity you would like support with! We specialize our writing for agriculture, education, environment and cultural arts.

We are here to support, you, too! Reach out to get a quote or ask a question about a project. 808-859-0636

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