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Community Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The strength of a community in coming together is most certainly stronger than the force of oppression. The power of the human spirit is most certainly more resilient than the challenges we face. The limitless inspiration and connection that comes from within can weather any storm. We got this, family, stay strong (and wise!) with a smile

On fire, in grace, this is serious business, this is play.

Through the fires and waters of transformation. Through the allowance of self and others. Through the dropping of egos and the upliftment of spirit and each other. We are rewriting the stories. We are unraveling the patterns. Burn baby burn!

The more we have faith in the unfoldment of our paths, the more we put into compassion and understanding - of ourselves and others. We can drop the traumas of the past. We can learn how to dance again, how to smile again. How to walk in alignment with our inner stirrings.

Have faith good brave souls. And don’t forget to laugh

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Abdullah Azim
Abdullah Azim
Jan 21, 2023

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