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Ceremony Adventures & Rites of Passage

Ceremony Adventures & Rites of Passage

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A deeply rewarding and growth filled offering for people who are looking to unlock and heal, to integrate changes with connection to the earth and elements, and to call in their gifts and activations within a safe container.


Blending together a personal retreat feel, 1:1 mentorship and energy healing, a unique adventure and nature based ritual and ceremony. It is a weaving of a traditional spiritual "walk about", with modern adventurism, cultural heritage inclusion, elemental communication and deep listening.


I combine my years of experience as a nature guide, adventure leader and teacher, along with my natural gifts of channeling, healing, space holding, mentorship and the communion between self, others and the environment and natural elements/ spirit.

Each  experience is uniquely crafted for each individual. After dropping in over intentions on the phone, we select the place, time and themes we will weave into the ceremony adventure or nature immersion.


Some examples of the elements I include in my nature immersions are: Personally Relevant Ceremony, Earth Element Rituals and Blessings, Deep Adventure and Play, Cleansing Water Rituals, Hawaiian Chants, Mud Bathing, Crystal Gridding, Ancestral Clearing, Guided Energy Work, Symbolic Altar Building, Conquering Fears, Past Life Regression Support, Solo-Journey or Overnight Set Up, Photography Element, Lei Weaving, Releasing Ceremonies, Authentic Expression Channels and Mentorship / Talk Story. Each Ceremony Adventure is UNIQUE and I listen to the elements around us and deeply into what is needed for each individual in that moment. Some aspects are planned ahead of time from the meditation session and some are spontaneous when in the field. 


 I host individual 4-6 hour day adventures and healing sessions to weekend long immersions in the wilderness for 1:1's and also couples (please inquire). I specialize in Saturn Returns, life transitions and those opening up to unlock the next major phase in their life. This includes ceremonies and focus around: release / severance and letting go; listening deeply to the subconscious / messages from guides and ancestors for support; to celebrating and integrating in new soul aspects that are awakening into the next chapter in your life.

I also support adolescents and teenagers in a coming of age Rite of Passage - in small groups over summer. The adolescent is strongly encouraged to participate in our Art and Nature Elemental Camp the week prior to the Rite of Passage Weekend Campout if this is what they are interested in.


Please message me directly for all offerings so we can find the best alignment. or 808-859-0636

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