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da 5 T. Anastassopoulou, E. Efstathopoulou, J. Kouzounas (eds), Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Algorithms and Computation, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 524-535, doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-30498-9_29 I have been getting some “text strings” from a server. Each “string” contains only 30 characters. The string is sent continuously for one day. I have to count how many times the same character occurs at a particular position and I have to find out the character which occurs most frequently. I know how to count and find out the top ten characters using shell script. But I am not able to identify the character which occurs most frequently. Can someone please help? For wordcount, I'd use the awk command, and for frequency, the sort command. Then, I'd pipe the output into tail -1. $ awk '{ a[$0]++ } END{ for (i in a) { print i, a[i] } }' | sort -nr | tail -1 E I have a file in which I have to read “words” from some positions and “tags” from some other positions and count the frequency of words and tags. How can I do that? Simple Shell Scripting helps you to solve your problem. For example, #!/bin/bash # creates a list of all files in a folder which match the name # ending with ext1 or ext2 # must be run from the folder in which you wish to search for files # that match the name ending with ext1 or ext2 FILES=`ls *.ext1 *.ext2 | grep -vf - | awk '{ print $NF }'` echo ${FILES} we will run a loop and everytime we will take a number from the start of the alphabets. (a-zA-Z). we will store all the chars in the array $declare -a chars=( a aa ab ac ad b bb bc bd be bf c cb cc cd ce cf d db dc dd de df dg dk dl dm dn do d




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